Himalayan Salt Detox Therapy Dome


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This is one of the most in demand products we have made in a long time. The Himalayan Salt Foot Therapy Dome is comprised of a beautifully crafted rosewood base that houses an 10 inch slab of pure Himalayan Salt that is in the shape of a dome.

The salt is heated with a 40-watt bulb, and comes with a UL listed dimmer cord allowing you to easily adjust the amount of heat that is produced.

The Foot Therapy Dome supports circulation, reduces swelling, and just feels great! It is also a soothing way to warm your feet on cool days. You can also lay your hands on it, and experience many of the same benefits. The Therapy Dome is easy to clean and care for.

When you’re not using it for your feet, it doubles as a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp!

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Width: 10 in.

Height: 6 in.

Weight: 25 lbs.